27 October, 2016

The Engagement

Photo: InkedFingers.com
Big news, the precious girl is engaged to be married.  How can this be, her mom pondered.  Wasn't she just born yesterday?  How can she be all grown up and ready to marry?  But oh, what joy the mother felt when she saw the sheer delight on the daughter's face.  The utter joy in her eyes was unmatched as daughter and mom shared the moment of 'he asked me'!  It is a privilege to have heart-to-heart moments of sheer delight with another person.  It is a privilege of motherhood to be heart-to-heart with your own offspring as they experience the joy of a life time.  And, it is a privilege of fatherhood to see family wholly celebrating together, in love together with each celebrating the other.

The mom reflected that this journey of engagement took a path of curves, turns, downhills and uphills:
The first meeting at 13
The years that neither forgot the other
The re-meeting
The days spent getting to know one another
The laughter
The tears
The shared journeys
The solo excursions
The dark times
The reconciliation
The words of apology and forgiveness
The continuing journey
The knowledge of YES
The anticipation
The planning
The timing
The record of the event
The acceptance
The love
The joy
The celebration
The complete family moment
The heart of the Father

As I read this mother's account of a daughter's engagement, it thrills my soul to celebrate the love of this couple.  But I also notice something else in this listing.  It seems familiar to me as it could be my own love story and in fact, it is.....the ultimate love story.  It's how the holy Father has pursued me.  And, I dare say it's the same way the holy One has pursued you.  It defines for me the joy of the Father in our final acceptance of Him.  What a beautiful picture of ultimate love.  As I read back over the steps recorded above I see God's pursuit of me.  I realize His patient waiting, I remember His overt attempts to get my attention and accept His love.  Notice that the mom's writing concludes with two phrases:
The complete family moment
The heart of the Father

The complete family moment: our families live all of life together which means a lot of curves, and ups and downs if they're the normal family.  And as families do, I bet this family grew, forgave, and changed over the years.  And finally, in one night of celebration the circle of family love seemed whole and healed which in my little mind leads to the heart of the Father.  I'm completely sure that the family above was bursting with joy and I sense this same Joy in the Father.  I can sense how He might feel as we all come together and finally accept Love, commit to Love and just simply relish in Love.

I sure hope I can see my life as engaged as the couple above.  I sure hope I can sense the great love, the great joy, the great celebration that my Groom has for me.

 ...and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.  Isaiah 62:6

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