02 May, 2013

Africa, China or Tuscaloosa?

Lubbock, Texas was my destination last week.  The trip held excitement, a family united, joy, astonishment and love.  We were all gathered to celebrate a rebirth.  My beautiful son, Nick celebrated his third year of recovery.  There were dark days during the prior years of this journey and actually the darkness was so very black and ominous and scary.  But last week, we were washed in bright light.  I've learned that it's only in fully experiencing the dark that we truly appreciate the light.  Now, for our son there is a newness, an eagerness to share what he's learned.  He leaves for Africa in just a few days...going into the world to share hope and recovery and redemption.

Austin, Texas is my destination next week.  The trip holds excitement, joy, astonishment and love.  I'm going to help my beautiful daughter, move into her summer place.  This sweet girl was brave and courageous and left a safe community to move 730 miles away and attend college.  She's made a tremendous impact in many lives.  This move challenged her and made her grow.  She too has seen darkness as moving from state to state causes great difficulty and adjustment.  She was adjusting to not only a new place but a new state, a new way of life, a new freshman experience, completely new friends, a new LARGE city to learn to navigate.  She was brave to her daddy and me but I know my girl saw darkness this year because I see the new light that now shines through her.  She fully experienced darkness and now knows real light.  She leaves for China in just a few weeks....going into the world to share hope and redemption.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is my destination this week.  Does my day hold excitement, joy, astonishment and love?  Do I remember the dark days of my life and how they were transformed by His marvelous light?  Or have I become 'ho-hum' in my existence?  Surely Africa and China are exciting places to visit and are filled with people in need who crave love and acceptance.  But isn't Tuscaloosa also?  Isn't your city?  People are waiting for someone to come and tell them a reason to live.  People who are in great darkness only hope for light.  Yes, God has called Nick to Africa and Sarah to China AND he has called me to Tuscaloosa today.  Where are you called today?  Who is hurting in your world that you can serve?

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