01 May, 2015


Life is hectic!  This week I found myself repeatedly running out the door with barely a glimpse at my Bible, devotional books or time with God.  On Tuesday, as I was speeding to an early morning meeting, I thought, 'dang it, I should have brought my Bible and devotional stuff with me!'.  I had realized that after my early morning meeting I had a big break before my next appointment and could have used the time to read, reflect and be in God's Word.  Ugh, I wish I was more organized and had gathered my materials before leaving my house...

It was then that a still, small voice whispered...you don't need those materials to have time with Me.

Really....don't need my Bible, my Oswald Chambers devotional book, my journal, my pen, my computer, my worship music, my Jesus Calling???

Yes....just Me and you.  No distraction, no calendar, no devotional, just us.

Somehow, this obvious whispered knowledge is so much more difficult than the rote quiet time that involves my everyday devotional time.  Somehow, this one-on-one time is hard for me to find, to prioritize, to just simply DO.  And such time as this scares me.  What will we talk about?  What will He say to me?  I feel so vulnerable and yet excited by the thought of a one-on-one with my God.

This will reveal my age but - there is a scene from the original movie the Sound of Music where Julie Andrews is alone on a mountainside, twirling with her arms spread wide while she sings.....the hills are alive with the sound of music...  Somehow this scene flashed in my head as I pondered this call to a private one-on-one.  (OK, I'm not going to my backyard, twirling and singing....just for those of you worried about such a sight!)  But it does help me picture the beauty of aloneness, the quality of such communication.  This type of one-to-one with God gives me the freedom to say, do, sing, cry, laugh, pour out all thoughts and all concerns and all praise.  I want to be on the mountainside with Him today.

I wonder if I will?  I wonder if I will make the time?  I wonder if I will unburden myself from the 'must-dos' of my faith and just simple walk out into my yard, find a shady spot and sit and meet with Him.  Will I? Will you?

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