16 April, 2014

Reality Check

With the echo of praise and celebration from the Triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the Christ-followers must have been exhilarated and weary from the journey.  The city of Jerusalem was evidently bustling with activity as people arrived to celebrate the Passover.  There must have been so much excitement in the city as this long-awaited annual event had begun.

We know this feeling.  Its Easter week in our homes.  Grandma is coming, the kids are returning from college, there are Easter egg hunts scheduled, cooking to be done, eggs to be died, dresses to be pressed, khakis to be ironed, and that dreaded Easter basket grass to buy!  There is a thrill when you know the day or week has finally arrived for such a celebration.

I wonder if this was the thought shared amongst the disciples.  After all, it was a week of celebration and they had arrived with a celebrity and a parade.  Who doesn't love a parade! Jesus was popular, unexpected in his demeanor, a novelty to people, and a confusion.  I sense there was electricity in the air wherever he walked that week.

And we find Him today in the temple, the house of prayer.  Teaching, teaching the unteachable, teaching the hard-headed, teaching the scholars...teaching and watching and challenging.  I want to be seated amongst those listening.  Not the hard-headed, know-it-alls but the humble, hungry learners.  The learners who took time from their day to stop, listen and really hear what this unique Teacher taught.  I noticed from the scripture that everyday He was there meeting those who came.  He was there before they arrived.  Anticipating their arrival and offering His love, understanding and acceptance.  He showed no evidence of worry about the coming days and no concern about future happenings.  He was focused on reaching those who needed to hear in THAT day.  He was focused on offering hope and wisdom in the moment.  I want to learn from that Teacher.
Each day Jesus was teaching at the temple, and each evening he went out to spend the night on the hill called the Mount of Olives, and all the people came early in the morning to hear him at the temple. Luke 21:37-38

In this week of all things commercial Easter, let's take a moment to be taught by the One we celebrate.  The preparation of the holiday cannot 'out-do' the Reality of what this week means in our lives.  What is our Reality check?

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