26 March, 2013

Seeking Easter

Pondering is alive inside me.  I find that I ponder quite a bit.  Perhaps it's in these recent years of difficulty with my children that I find myself pondering a bit more.  Most recently I've been pondering Jesus' last week of life on earth.  I've been reminded of Jesus' complete surrender which became our complete satisfaction....ponder that a minute.....I've also been thoughtful of Jesus' last words, "Into your hands I commit my spirit".  My question to myself is, have I done that?  Do I live my life in complete submission to Jesus? Am I actively seeking this Jesus that came to seek and save?

I have some friends who are seeking Easter.

1.  I had lunch last week with a visiting scholar from China.  I've been friends with this young Ph.D student for over four years.  We've learned English together, went on a retreat to Memphis, shared lots of coffee, laughed, discussed the possibility of mermaids and many more topics.  We've talked of God.  She is only mildly curious.  After lunch I was driving her to her next class and I casually asked her if she had any new thoughts on God.  She responded, "not really.  But I did take my Bible on my recent trip to Florida.  I put it right beside me as I traveled".  I found this interesting and told her so.  Then I asked her why she would do that?  She couldn't really answer.  "I just thought it would be a good idea for my protection".  I agreed and promised to send her a verse on protection so that she could open the Bible and read some words.....she's seeking Easter.

2.  Another young, darling American friend is trying to understand the Jesus of Christianity.  She is asking a lot of questions.  She is also pregnant with her first baby.  It's a joyous time.  We were recently talking all-things-baby when I asked her if her pregnancy had caused any new God thoughts.  "Actually, yes", she responded.  "It's just so amazing what is going on inside of me.  I can hardly believe this miracle".  I agreed....she's seeking Easter.

3.  Last night I received an email from a young friend in China.  Here are her words.  She is seeking Easter in China.
I am very glad to receive your email. I also miss you and other friends in Tuscaloosa,and also thank you who let me know our Father. It's a so special experience that I can't forget. I am very well now. But I haven't contact any other sisters. There are several Catholic Church in my city, but I don't know whether I can go to there to worship. In actual, I hope to communicate with other sisters and brothers just like what we did in Tuscaloosa. I don't know how to do now.Hope you happy and healthy!

I want to seek this miracle of Easter.  I want to ponder and think about what Easter is, what it means.  I want to be in the stage where I'm asking questions and actively seeking this Jesus, called Christ.  Have I completely surrendered to Him?  Have I completely committed my spirit to Him and His world and to those who are still seeking?  Are you seeking Easter?  Are you seeking Easter with those who don't know Him?

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