29 October, 2012

Darkness to Light, Part 2

The darkness-to-light story of addiction and recovery is beautiful indeed. There is another story of darkness-to-light that I’ve been blessed to see.  It’s a parallel I find interesting.  Indulge me?

The addict in active recovery and the Chinese Christian believer are very similar in two aspects of their lives – they are each completely amazed and grateful for the gift they’ve been given…a gift of Life.  And they each are compelled to share this news, that is to give back so that perhaps just one person may here the Good News of hope and Life.

Of the Chinese students I have met, many came to this country with limited knowledge of Jesus and no belief in God.  It’s a story they’ve not had the privilege of hearing.  Once in the USA, some hear the gospel message and walk away.  But some hear the gospel message and are intrigued.  They listen, they learn, they ask many, many questions, they desire this God they hear about and they accept this promise of the Saviour.  They are forever changed.  The change is not subtle.  The change is like going from total darkness to blinding light.  They are eager to tell of this Good News.

What a strange pair: Addicts in recovery and people from other cultures both living the ‘darkness-to- light’ story.  It’s as though the darkness was so dark and now the light is so very bright that they are completely alive and basking in the light. 

Am I walking around in blinders as to my great need for God?  Has my life gotten so easy that the “Good News” has just become “OK news”? Are we so unaware of how truly dark our lives would be without God’s grace and mercy?  The recovering addict and new Chinese believer seem never to forget!

I want that joy, that overwhelming sense of salvation.  I want to live my life so that others will know of His love.  I confess that there are many days that I do not live this way.

But….when Jesus said, Follow Me, I think he meant for me to get into my daily world and share my own story of darkness-to-life.  That’s really all I can testify to – my life, my vulnerable moments, my pain, my joy, my hope.  We each have our own story.  It’s only yours and it’s only mine. 

He’s saying to me:
“Kathy, I love you, I adore you, I died for you, I’m living inside of you.  This is GREAT GREAT news for you.  It’s the best news you could ever have received.  You’ve gone from total darkness into the light!  Follow Me into the world and tell others.  When you have GREAT news to share, you share it, am I right?  Is My salvation GREAT news to you?  Do you truly believe this miracle?  Are you working your salvation by following Me into the world and telling people what you have found in Me?  Will you?  Will you?”

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