09 July, 2012

Tomorrow has come

I’ve not been writing…I’ve been moving to an empty nest…and now I’m trying to come back.  My words are locked deep within me - and to let them out means relief and new life.  The empty nest is not a new phenomenon.  It’s just new for me.  It’s a life change.  It’s a season.  Today is winter for me.  But I know spring is coming.

For 22 years my husband and I have been raising our children.  Some days have seemed so very long and some so short.  We’ve had victory and devastation.  We’ve had joy and sorrow.  We’ve had life together.  And now tomorrow has come.

Amidst all the emotion, I hear the steady voice, “will you follow me?”.  Will I go willingly and joyfully into this next season of my life?  Will I live the faith I so often talk about?

The joy I realized today is that my children are also hearing that Voice and are being asked the same question, “will you follow Me?”  I find myself on the sidelines shouting, Run with Him!!!!  Go, be used in this world.  He has great plans for your life!  GO!! 

Of course, my heart breaks as they leave my nest but the joy of watching my babies run with Jesus and for Jesus is overwhelming and beautiful.

Go…wth Him.

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