19 July, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My!

Years ago, our Sunday School class decided to study, Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I was looking forward to the study until I opened the book and the first sentence in the very first chapter read, ‘It’s not about you’. Stunned and convicted and the study had not yet begun! Oh me, Oh my. That book study was at least 15 years ago and yet here I sit today reminded of those words and convicted again.

I was shopping with my 17-year-old daughter this week which is always fun and can be challenging. At one point in our day she said, “Mom, you’re like the most sensitive person I’ve ever met. Everything I say you take out of context”. Now you may recognize that this was not one of our better moments that day but it has been a good reminder to me of my condition of ‘self’.

She was right…I have a tendency to hear words, or not enough words, or not the right words and if they are not to my liking I can feel myself literally shut down. Shut down my love and shut down my availability to people. I just stop….get stuck and let the itty-bitty committee that lives in my head start re-hashing every word! I live as though it is 'all about me'! My insecure sensitivity has it’s way with me….I hate that!

I need a Hearing Aid. And I have one and you have one….hear these words:

They are the shoot I have planted, the work of my hands, for the display of my splendor. 
 Isaiah 60:21

OK, I know you really didn’t read that verse so go back and read it again slowly...I’ll wait…….........YOU are the ‘work of His hands’ and through you HIS splendor will be displayed today! He has saved us. He lives inside us. He is the only one who completes us. He has redeemed you and your story and all your pain.

I lift my eyes to the hills, Oh where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the MAKER of heaven of earth. Psalm 121:1

Oh me, Oh my, Oh my GOD. Thank you.

So is that all? We're redeemed, we're healed, we're loved, we have Life eternal. Oh me, Oh my. Who do you know that hasn't heard this truth? Who is dying to see HIS splendor in their life and in their purpose? Who is shut down by their own pain?What is your logical next step to follow Jesus into our hurting world today?

Oh me, Oh my.

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