17 June, 2011

Around the World on the Riverbank

On April 18, I was invited to go on a ten-day vision and mission trip to China….."no way", I replied. On April 19, the invitee kept the pressure on me by bringing God and Ray into it! (It was 3 to 1 and a very powerful three, I might add). Amongst my thoughts were: Seriously? No way! The timing is not good! It's way too expensive. My Sarah needs me, it’s the end of school. God cleared away all the excuses....

On May 19 I left for China! I returned on May 30. On June 1, I left for Texas. I returned to Tuscaloosa on June 8. Twenty-one days: Birmingham, Chicago, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Texas: Fort Worth, Round Rock, Austin, San Antonio, Leakey, Boerne, Longview, Jackson, MS and finally Tuscaloosa. Whew!

Upon my return, friends have asked me, “How was China?” How was your trip to Texas?” My words to describe the last month are stuck somewhere between Beijing and Leakey! Both trips were amazing filled with wonder, love, laughter, serving, sharing and many, many people. People wanting to be loved, accepted, understood and searching. There is so much to share about China, I search for the words.

So recently, I gave myself a gift….I went away again, this time to a park in Tuscaloosa. I sat on a large boulder on the riverbank and just existed a while. The wind rustled through the trees, the river kept its constant flow and movement, the ants marched around my feet and there was silence and He was there. He came quietly and waited for me. He was listening if I shared my feelings or understanding when I was silent. He did not demand anything of me – it was the time of worship He treasured. He reminded me of finding Him in the quiet places.

How could the God of universe, the God who woos China to Himself, the God who hurts with the people of Nepal, Haiti and beyond, the God who walks with Sarah at a summer camp in Leakey, Texas, the God who canoes with my redeemed, prodigal son in Nashville, the God who loves and serves through the self-lessness of my husband, Ray come to a river bank in Tuscaloosa just to be beside me? How can that be?

Find your own riverbank this week. He waits for you.

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