17 March, 2011


Goodbyes are not my strong suit. If the truth be known, I hate saying a final goodbye to those I love. Oh, I know it’s not final-forever but when people leave my everyday world it feels awfully final to me. My husband tells me that I’m one of those ‘touchy-feely’ types that feels down to our toes. Hmmm, I don’t take offense to his observation as I know it’s true. I laugh big and I cry big.

Years ago, we said our first goodbye when we left our native Mississippi to move to Texas. That move away from all our family just about killed me! But we fell in love with Corpus Christ and I knew we would retire in that place. Twelve years later, we were again saying goodbye to people who influenced us in ways we’ll never forget. This goodbye from Texas was actually difficult beyond words. I still miss our days there. But we settled in at Mississippi State and loved our new world. Three years later, we were moving again…to Tuscaloosa. We said goodbye to more beloved friends.

So here we are four years later and we are still new in town and meeting a lot of people. However, in the last month I’ve had to tell two very dear friends goodbye. One goodbye is for the purpose of marriage which is a celebration! This friend will be close by and our common interests and ministries will continue to bind us. Knowing this fact, didn’t prevent the tears….she will be missed in my life.

The other friend goodbye is different. This friend I have known for four years. With him I have shared laughter, tears, grammar, pronunciation, research work, walks with my dog, dinners, lunches, games, holiday festivities and talks of God and Jesus. When he arrived in our country from Taiwan he had not heard of Jesus. I know he sought information, I know he asked many questions, I know he attended many study groups where Jesus was explained. I know he respected the love people had for this Jesus. I know he was curious as to the love he felt from others and it’s source. I know he left the United States with a lot of knowledge but was not yet ready to accept and acknowledge the Good News of Jesus.

I know Jesus is still seeking my friend. I know many of us sowed into his life. I cried when we said goodbye. He cried too. In this case, the goodbye did feel like forever.

Who else needs to hear the Good News? Let’s not ignore the people in our everyday lives who are hurting and in need of a Saviour. Where would you send me Lord?

Pray with me that one day my friend and I will celebrate a heaven-side Hello!

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