04 December, 2010

Little Tree

We turned off the lights and the tree beamed glorious light. The lighting of the tree is definitely one of the best moments of Christmas. This moment happened again for me last week.

I remember as a little girl climbing up into my parent’s attic and hauling out boxes….the infamous box of lights, the ornaments, the icicles, the old tree skirt, the top star and all the other decorations that went throughout the house. It was so exciting to open boxes and remember! I also seem to recall that the decoration process started with my daddy helping us but by the time we had finished it was just mama and me. (It seems that way in many households…smile).

This past year I’ve talked a lot about the world and the people in it who have never heard of Jesus; therefore, don’t celebrate the Christmas festival. I’ve been convicted to go into the world and take His message to those who don’t know and I’ve written about it on this blog to urge each of us to go beyond our own borders. Acts 1:8 is our mission statement:

…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

I’ve learned that Jesus’ call to me isn’t a choice for me. It’s His command TO me. His words reflect taking His love to my next-door neighbors, to my community, to my state, to the US, to the world of China and beyond.

When we turned off the ceiling light the little tree glowed beautifully. It was again just my mama and me. She was unable to help decorate the tree this year. She watched and instructed me. The long ago memories were just that – long ago. The big tree and old ornaments have been replaced with a small tree and small ornaments. The attic visit wasn't necessary. She didn’t have a lot of boxes to open and my daddy has gone to his heavenly home but my mama and me had each other and we had time to talk and just be.

Those moments for me seemed surreal in some ways. How could life have moved so fast that now our family is the caregiver for our mama. What happened to those days of attic visits, TV watching, Mama's food, and everyone gathered in mama and daddy's house for Christmas Eve? She seems so alone now....Oh Lord, be near to her, I silently prayed.

I heard a whisper in that moment. It was a whisper reminding of me of Jesus’ overwhelming love for those lonely and alone. It was a whisper reminding me that the least will be first. It was a reminder to me to love those in my city who wait for Christmas all alone. We all need the touch of the Saviour…so let’s be His hands and feet.

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