12 December, 2010

December Baby

Ray and I met after we were both out of college. Our courtship was four years long and it seemed like four hundred to me! When we announced our engagement there were a lot of, “it’s about time” comments. The wedding day was a joyful celebration with nary a dry eye in house…beautiful memories for us.

And then after four years of marriage, we were pregnant with our first child. Now the comments really began to flow our way.

“Congratulations! It’s about time!”
“What are you having?”
“Have you decided on names?”
“Boy, will your life change!”

We were good to answer and smile but we didn’t really think our lives would change that much; you know, people make such a big deal out of everything!

Wow, were we mistaken! Our lives changed all right. Here are few life changing observations:

We cared for their needs over our own - not necessarily joyfully (just being honest!)
Our full hearts of love for each other spilled over to our children and multiplied
We cooked, cleaned, drove, washed and ironed – we served
We celebrated victories – kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, soccer wins
We comforted when hurts brought tears.

Yes, our lives changed. These long-awaited, precious children brought change to our lives. We’ve been changed forever….

And now, there is another Baby whose birth we celebrate soon. When people in Mary’s village saw and heard of her pregnancy, do you think she heard, “Your life will change”? I daresay Mary heard these words and perhaps not in a completely loving way. Can you imagine the gossip and humiliation she faced? Her life had immediately changed and she had an immediate response.

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.”
Luke 1:38

As I contemplate this December Baby, I wonder if Jesus’ birth into this world has truly produced change in my life? Does my list above apply? Can I honestly say, “Wow, my life has changed”? Can I truthfully say the words of Mary about my desire for the Saviour? Am I the Lord’s servant?

Do I care for the needs of the world over my own?
Does my heart spill over in love for other people and children?
Do I serve?
Do I celebrate well with people in my life?
Do I comfort when others are hurting?

I confess today that I have not allowed the news of this December Baby to completely change me. I’ve held back. So my prayer today is very simple:

Change my life Lord Jesus. Come.

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