28 September, 2010

Dusty Cross

There is a ‘cross wall’ in my house. And recently, I’ve realized that we’ve had such a space in our various homes for the last 15 years. It holds a special place in my heart as each cross represents birthday celebrations, Walk to Emmaus retreats, places we’ve lived or traveled to visit. There are hand-made crosses, crosses from abroad, crosses given by family members, by old friends and by new friends.
This wall creates a conversation starter with guests in our home. Many people ask about it and wonder about the crosses and their meaning. I’ve been asked several interesting questions: “did you make them all” or “did you buy them all” or “do they have special meaning to you”?
The answers seems obvious to me. “Heavens no, I didn’t make them”. And then a little offended, “No, I didn’t buy them” (Ok, maybe one or two!) And lastly, certainly they have special meaning…..they represent special places and people, I say proudly.
But oh, why don’t I speak of their true meaning - the true meaning of a rugged old cross. But no, I hang beautiful crosses on my wall, around my neck and in my ears and forget. It’s decoration for my world.
All the days I close my mouth and go about my daily routine the cross becomes a decoration. All the days I fail to see the wall of need in front of me the cross collects dust. All the days I forget that there are those who have never heard of the cross.
Who do I see today that needs the cross? A teenager needs a compliment and encouragement. A busy staff member needs a special thank you, a boss needs a word of appreciation, and a person from another country needs a smile and a hello from an American wearing a cross around their neck.

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