06 April, 2010


Sunday was a beautiful day of worship and communion in my church. We celebrated the new life Jesus has given to us. We sang, we praised, we worshipped, we studied the Word, we celebrated communion as a body of believers. He is Risen indeed!

I love the visual in Matthew 28, it reads: “so the women hurried away from the tomb afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples.”

Can you imagine how hard it must have been to RUN in their dress of the day and in sandals! Yet, they ran. I envision an almost hysterical, giggling, crying, exuberant group of women running in joy to tell the good news: Oh my gosh, He did not die, He is ALIVE! Yes, I promise.I am not kidding you! Come see!

My typical “non-running” week:

  • Monday…the week begins with errands, errands, errands…
  • Tuesday…I prepare for a Wednesday bible study. A study where 80 women gather to study His word and apply it to our lives.
  • Wednesday…Bible study all morning where great truths are revealed. This wonderful study helps me live a devoted Christian life. Wednesday night I need to attend the midweek worship service at church.
  • Thursday…grocery store, laundry, call mom, mail bills. And, I think there is a new Bible study starting that I want to join.
  • Friday….plan dinner, kids activities organized, college son needs money and food!

All week, as I surround myself with Christian believers and Christian activities, I hear the whisper,

"What about those who do not know? Run and tell them about Me. Run and tell the hurting. Run with the joy I’ve given you. Run with Me. Run until they all know. Run behind me and let My strength be yours. Run to those who have not heard”.

By nature, I’m not a runner or a jogger. I know that exercise is good for me but I have bad knees and I really don’t like to run. Like the women in Matthew who were first, afraid. I am afraid of what I’ve seen. I’m afraid to get out of my routine of comfort. I’m afraid to be outside and IN the world.

But I realize that IF the resurrection is truly to be celebrated in my daily life, if I am truly proclaiming, He is alive, then I must RUN to tell. I must tell those who do not know this truth. I must run with Him to tell the world…to tell my neighbor.

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