13 April, 2010

Our Groom

They had just lived a really busy week. Passover was always busy with so many people, so much food to prepare, and so many activities. But added to those preparations and plans, their beloved Jesus had been tried and crucified. Days later they find themselves at His tomb and He is not there! Their joy was overwhelming; the fear of what they were seeing had to be so very confusing. Their hearts surely were about to burst and so they did the only thing they knew to do, they ran to tell someone – then He met them. In Matthew 28:9, I am again surprised by Jesus. “Suddenly, Jesus met them”. “Greetings”, says the Lord Jesus.

Can you even imagine? Did the women, fall down or bump into each other as they stopped abruptly at His sudden appearance. Were they winded, hot and sweaty as they were running and now stood amazed at the sight of Jesus? The Bible says, ‘they came to him, clasped his feet and worshipped him. Then Jesus said to them, do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers….”

As they ran to tell, He met them….Our resurrected Lord was already moving towards the women as they began moving out to tell others. With that first step of movement back into the world, Jesus met them.

This weekend we attended a beautiful family wedding in north Mississippi. We were just the aunt and uncle so for us the weekend was fairly simple. But for the parents of the bride and groom, the weeks leading up to this event were anything but simple. Like most other weddings, the weeks and months prior to this event were hectic, with dozens of decisions, thank you notes, wardrobe questions, caterers, music, and many other issues. But the day finally dawned.

The church began to fill and the music led us to worship. It was about time. Suddenly, I saw her. A beautiful sight….my 86 year-old mama begin to walk down the isle to her seat. My tall, handsome 20 year-old son who carried most of her weight escorted her. For you see, my mama is not well and has not walked that many steps in several months. Two people that I love with an overwhelming love coming my way.

Soon, the mothers were seated; the groom was in place, the attendants all stood looking for the bride. And suddenly, I saw her. A beautiful sight…..a beautiful young bride coming to meet her groom. A groom whose eyes never left hers as she approached.

The youth and the aged were both represented. Both excited, both “running” in their own way down the isle to their grooms. Resplendent in their gowns, glowing with joy and wanting the world to know about their groom, the love, the joy, the future. One bride whose life is ahead and one bride whose life has been lived.

Just like me, just like you. Just like the ladies running from the tomb when suddenly, the Groom met them. The Groom whose eyes never leave them as they approach.

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