21 March, 2010

Tipping Point

I reached a tipping point today. You know, an intersection in your life where you are urged forward even if it is a tiny, tiny step. A place where your heart quickens, your pulse increases, tears come...He's spoken to you, "Trust me, take a step".
So, that is where I find myself on this cold, rainy day in Tuscaloosa...taking a step. There are those in my life who have encouraged me to write, encouraged me to open up to this world of words. To those special encouragers, thank you for gently pushing me to this tipping point.

God continues to call each of us to that place where He tips us out into the world for His mission. How amazing: He's redeemed us and chosen to use us in the redemption of the rest of His people. This is not a choice I have, it is a privilege to carry His name into the world.

What is your tipping point? Where is He nudging you? Just one step...

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